Entrepreneurs & COACHES: You Are Invited to Join The Brand Illumination Academy

Are You Ready for the 90 Day Personal Brand Transformation That Will Change Your Online Business Forever?


What is Brand Illumination Academy?

Brand Illumination Academy is a 90 Day Group Coaching Program created to help Entrepreneurs & Coaches show up online as themselves authentically & confidently so that they can create a brand that sells, attact their dream clients & work with their favorite brands. 

If you are currently putting out loads of content but forgetting to build your brand in the process, missing that relatable connection, and not sure how to make compelling visual content, this is for you. Brand Illumination Academy is a Unique Unicorn Program that has been proven to work for: health and wellness coaches, bloggers, mindset/self love experts, creative entreprenuers & business coaches.

BUT, this program is NOT for everyone. It is for someone who has an online business; does not have clairty on how to be a personal brand & is lost in how to make killer-illuminating-connecting content that sells.

You WILL knock it out of the park with this program if you commit to showing up for yourself & your business. Your coach will be giving you tools, accountablity & guidance to take your personal brand from meh to party that everyone wants to be a part of.

What does it look like when you LEVEL UP?

You will be able to have a clear knowing of your personal brand identity & confidence to show up authentically, how to have stand out content creation, how to create an instagram feed that screams your personality & makes bank, while magnetizing your ideal client & how to work with your dream brands.

Imagine if...

  • You clearly know your identity in your personal brand and easily show up as yourself every single day.

  • You can create captivating, infectious content that attracts your ideal client to you instantly. 

  • Your Personal Brand sells itself & pukes unicorn rainbows of Authenticity of Engaging, Loyal Followers

  • Your instagram feed is EASY & screams your personality effortlessly 

  • You work with all all your favorite brands

  • You have incredible confidence in yourself so you pose in front of the camera & speak on video clearly 

  • You know how to story tell through your personality & your dream client knows everything about you, connects with you & wants to be your best friend 



When your mindset is in a good place you show up easily to conquer your goals. Creating Routines, Self Love activities and Creativity Exercises are vital to keep the energy flowing, illuminate confidence & overall well being so that you can show up as yourself authentically. You need to fill your cup first so you can be the support and be the light your clients need.


  • Figuring out a Morning Routine that feels good
  • Finding a creative outlet
  • Confidence building exercises & busting through self- sabotage limiting beliefs
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Self Care Moments & Daily Dance Parties
  • Visualizing what you Want & Manifesting it to Reality


So this is the part where we figure out how to make your instagram feed cohesive & create a content plan that feels good to you. Knowing who you're speaking to is the key as well as integrating YOURSELF into this. Because really YOU are the face of your Business. Lets Paint a Picture.


  • Getting Laser Focused on your Niche & Who Your Ideal Client is
  • Creating an Aesthtically Pleasing & Magnetizing Instagram Feed
  • How to show up in your IG Stories Authentically & Unapologetically - Why This is so Important & Your Ultimate Magic Wand in Your Personal Brand
  • Planning your Content & Instagram Feed


Creating Content that Speaks to your Ideal Client & Speaks Your Personality is the Special Sauce. Having intentional, colorful, & visually attractive content is key to make you stand out from the millions of fish in the sea. Having your personality shine through in EVERYTHING you create is the Golden Ticket to building your community that adores, loves & trusts you. 


  • Brand Colors & Power Colors
  •  The Kaleidoscope Method- Our Signature Method -How to open your eyes in a whole new light - scouting locations that fit your personal brand.
  • How to take captivating photos & produce great content- lighting, angles, depth.
  • How to edit photos that make them unique, stand out & scream your brand. 
  • Posing in front of the camera.. How to not be awkward & feel comfortable in your own skin 
  • How to work with brands over & over
  • How to develop ongoing partnerships with brands to build connection, community and trust with your audience.  
  • Making a Media Kit and also a collaboration kit (in the beginning this is a great modified media kit to have)
  • Pitching Brands for Partnerships  



Who doesn't love them some confetti & a party to go with it! I've got some goodies for you! And boy are they Magical, Valuable- Little Nuggets!

  • How to do Make up for Photo & Video - The Basics- Interactive with Q & A
  • My Pose Guide- Take the guessing out of how to move your body- & how to flow, naturally & easily while taking Content Photos
  • Basic Video Editing 101
  • BONUS Calls with the best of the BEST experts in the Biz to help you Illuminate Your Brand in all different areas. Sparkle Guests include

 -Isabella Silverio- Instagram Expert & Business Coach

 -Angie Lee- Marketing Unicorn- Owner of Soul CBD & Ninja Podcast Host 

-Kayleigh Christina Clark- Founder of Clearstem Skincare & Blogger/Influencer

-Paul Fishman- The Ultimate Self Love Coach

Are You Ready to Build Your Personal Brand with Intention & Authenticity in 90 Days



Hiya! My name is Ashley Spedale - Personal Branding Ninja, Content Creation Expert & Curator of Magic. 

I have been creating different brands for over a decade from being an all around creative, a professional make up artist, owner of a cupcake company, stylist, speaker, writer & podcast host to name a few.

My Purpose is to help you one entrepreneur to another discover your personal style and brand. I know it’s difficult digging deep to find what aligns with you & what makes you stand out as an individual brand! Maybe you don’t know where to start, or maybe you don’t really have the time to really figure it out on your own. I can help guide you to build a personal brand that makes you feel authentic & your audience feels the need to be empowered by your services even more!

Creating Connection is what I am passionate about it & doing it authentically is the real deal.

What you can expect working with me: 

  • 1 Weekly Coaching Call where we create goals & implement all your content creation *each call will be recorded so you can rewatch & listen if needed*

  • 24/7 access to me in the Brand Illumination Slack Community! Where I will answer your questions, provide feedback & give you action steps moving forward  
  • Featured Guest Coaching calls with 6 & 7 figure entreprenuers 

  • The Tools you need to Succeed - exercises & homework

  • Bonus CONFETTI- How to do your Make Up for Camera & Photo shoots, My Confident Pose Guide, and Basic Video Editing 101